The perfect travel candle

Hestia Harlow

Try our new 4oz travel tins. Perfect for a getaway, at home or they make a great gift!
Available in the following scents:
GRAPEFRUIT & WHITE FLORAL - Wonderfully complex, grapefruit blended with lily, peony, geranium and rose, with base notes of amber and musk.
SEAGRASS & SALT SPRAY - Fresh and clean with notes of eucalyptus and thyme, this scent is reminiscent of mornings walks on quiet beaches.
AMBER & BERGAMOT - Warm and inviting, amber and bergamot combined with subtle notes of
geranium, black cardamom, sandalwood and eucalyptus.
MEDITERRANEAN FIG - A slightly earthy scent that is less sweet than other fig fragrances, with hints of orange, grapefruit, lemon and patchouli.
LEMON & LAVENDER - A joyful blend of fresh cut lemons & fields of lavender, a combination that not only does the trick, but is also bright and refreshing.