DJ Blondie partners with Hestia Harlow to bring cool vibes

Hestia Harlow

The world has never been a more divided place. Just turn on the news. Culture wars,
identity politics, and people fueled by the ugliest emotion: Hate.
I see Music as its own Religion and the dance floor as its Temple. Meaning, one universal
thing is: no matter who you are and what you believe in - coming together in a bubble of music
to connect on a loving, primal level trumps all hate, politics and cultural background. Music and
dance is a universal language of empathetic connection. It’s been that way from the dawn of
time. I believe this.

DJ Blondie half American half Asian...Born in the Philippines nurtured by Juilliard trained & Congresswomen Grandmother. She also was exposed to severe economic and cultural differences: Rich & Poor
When finally moving to the U.S.A. DJ Blonde spoke 3 different languages. Those early proved to be the foundation for her entire career as a successful DJ.
DJ Blondie has traveled all over the world bring people together.... some of the cities:
Rome Italy, Philippines, Taiwan, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Jamaica, multiple tours in Hawaii and Costa Rica, all over the USA and all the key cities: LA, NYC, Miami, Boston, New Orleans, Houston DC etc.

Check out her curated playlists on Hestia Harlow's Spotify page!