Molecular Cocktail Kit - 170˚F Toddy

Bring the lab and molecular mixology to your next cocktail at home. A playful, fun and memorable experience using some of your well known classic recipes. This kit makes a perfect gift for the DIY or novice home bartender interested in elevating their mixology game with a spherification experiment. The kit includes all the ingredients & tools needed to make your cocktail and the optional spherification science experiment. 12 servings per kit.

What's Included:
- 16oz Hot Toddy Mix
- 2.5g Calcium Lactate Powder
- 8oz Spherification Mix (Honey Syrup Caviar)
- Spherification Dropper
- Garnish (Dry or Fresh Lemons)
- Instructions (Recipe Card & Video Tutorial)

What You Will Need:
- Scotch/Whisky/Brandy
- Hot Water (4oz)
- Spoon
-Drinkware (Rocks Glass)
- Tea Bag (English Tea)
- Blender/Whisk
- 1 Cup
- Bowl/Pitcher
- Distilled Water



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