Ticket Chocolate Entertaining Pack

At The Ticket Kitchen, we love a good get together. From glittering gala weddings to last-minute evenings with friends, our handmade chocolates feel right at home anywhere you like to gather. Gift our chocolates as favors, or plan the menu around them.
Our Variety Entertaining Pack includes 4 Salted Caramel, 4 Belgian Milk, and 4 French Dark Truffle Ticket Sticks ready to greet your guests.
If you’d like to add a personalized touch, print a page of our tags to slip over the sticks.
We’ll include directions for prepping our hot chocolate for a crowd. Chat with your guests as you swirl a block of our fine couverture into your mugs, then linger together over the finest hot chocolate that has ever passed your lips.
Every hot chocolate Ticket Stick is handmade in our Northern California chocolate kitchen of finest couverture chocolate.

CIRCLE LABELS: We offer a few options for free DIY printable labels to dress up your sticks below:
Printable Starburst Labels, Yolk Yellow
Printable Starburst Labels, Baby Pink
Printable Starburst Labels, Blackboard
Printable Starburst Labels, Fruit Punch Red
Printable Starburst Labels, Ticket Blue
Printable Starburst Labels, Soft Yellow
Printable Starburst Labels, Pea Green
Printable Starburst Labels, Raspberry Pink
Printable Pumpkins



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