Calligraphy Set for Beginners by Laura Hooper

Beginner Calligraphy Kit: Starter Supplies + Online Course

Calligraphy set for beginners curated by industry leader Laura Hooper specifically for those new to the art or who have struggled to learn on their own. The Calligraphy Starter Kit + Video Tutorial includes both the high quality tools you need to start learning modern pointed-pen calligraphy, in the right combination to actually succeed with the art, as well as detailed, down-to-earth instruction on how to actually use them.

(1) Oblique Pen - Helps you achieve the angle needed to get the thick & thin lines that are characteristic of pointed pen calligraphy. Left handed version available.
(3) Nibs - Includes three options that are great for beginners & share details on nib prep and which to start with inside.
(1) Black Ink - Works well in combination with the paper in the kit and all of our practice pads. It’s also what Laura uses for all envelope orders in black ink! {1oz jar}
(1) Instructional Book - Includes getting started with the tools, how to dip into the ink, basic up and down strokes, practice drill patterns and a full beginner alphabet upper and lower case.
(1) Video Tutorial- Covers all of the contents of the kit and includes up close, professional footage of Laura going through the full beginner alphabet, upper and lower case. Receive 2.5 hours of guided instruction from Laura & Alyssa as you work your way through the starter kit.



Calligraphy Kit
Grand Total $149.00