Creating the Modern Entertainer's One-Stop-Shop

As seasoned industry professionals, we are discernibly partial to entertaining, however, we recognize that throwing a party, even simply hosting at home, is not easy. These days, who has time to shop for place settings, plan menus, cook, arrange flowers, create an awesome playlist, and not to mention serve fancy cocktails, among other things? Over the last decade this notion of ‘simplifying hosting’ continued to be at the core of our conversation; so, a few years ago, we decided it was finally time for this idea to come to fruition – make entertaining effortless while inspiring more people to throw parties at home. Hestia Harlow began as a mission to create the modern entertainers one-stop-shop, and definitive source for trends, tips and how-to advice.

There was a growing demand for a platform that could provide hyper-curated products and all the many resources to host in one place; and on top of that provide many of these items as a rental service, rather than a purchase. Genius! Well, we think so, seeing how companies like Rent the Runway have identified that people really didn’t want to own, but prefer to rent and return after special occasions. With our original mission in mind, we launched, and have given everyone access to designer tables, bespoke decorations, affordable high-end catered food boxes to your doorstep, and hyper-curated experiences to effortlessly entertain at home. Born from the notion that events are at the core of all of life’s important moments, we believe entertaining is something we should all do more of and would if it were easier.


We hope you join our community of modern entertainers, and continue on this exciting journey with us.