Roadside Revelation in Tuscany

Roadside Revelation in Tuscany

BOLOGNA, ITALY - Sometimes you stumble across a surprisingly wonderful restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Alpiacere Di Mirko & Inna on Via Emilia Ponente outside Bologna is such an establishment. Referred by an American poolside guest at our resort, who remarked "It was the best meal we've had in Italy", it sparked our attention. From the road it's a small white building, that could be mistaken for someone's home. Inside a charming dining room, bar and small patio with tables adorned in beautiful white linen. Like most of the smaller restaurants we visited a single server darts around taking care of all the tables in the dining room. The scallop carpaccio and grilled octopus were amazing, presented with a fresh contemporary flair. But the real highlight was their pasta - homemade ravioli with raw red prawns was spectacular and their gnocchi with the "in season" fresh black truffles was divine. And if you have room for dessert, they serve one of the best molten chocolate cakes I've ever tasted.



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