The Michelangelo of Pizza

The Michelangelo of Pizza

ROME, ITALYHidden on a back street in a residential neighborhood near the Vatican is BONCI Pizzarium is a true gem. Since being discovered by Anthony Bourdain this hip pizza joint always has a line. It's a funny place, with a few standing tables, a bench but most of all the best pizza in Rome. And that's straight from the locals. Once you reach the small counter, you understand why Rome's revolutionary pizza maker Gabriele Bonci is hailed as the Michelangelo of Pizza. The thinly sliced yellow squash atop of gooey fresh mozzarella and caramelized sweet onions is Devine. The Mortadella ham with pistachios a masterpiece. And the classic margarita, simple but out of this world. For pizza fans it's not your typical Roman or Neopolitan style, but rather a flaky and crisp focaccia with artfully curated toppings that range from the traditional to unexpected. You must also try the Fritti, freshly deep fried coquettes with a variety of daily fillings. The Classico never disappoint.


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