Let's Take This Outside...

Let's Take This Outside...

Dine outdoors, 


Prepping for the best part of warmer weather – the return of outdoor dining!

Our dinnerware rentals are perfect to take on a vacation, bring to the park, or even your own backyard! Our custom packaging ensures a safe arrival and are so easy to transport.

One of our favorite collections designed to use al fresco is Get Glamping!

Each piece of this collection is shatter-proof melamine or enamelware so it’s perfect for pool decks and family functions.

Add the stunning centerpiece to bring a sparkle to your table
with fairy light cloches!


Check out how our partner, Dina Delesa-Gonsar, sets her
outdoor dining table!



The epitome of summer 

Add a s'mores kit & start making new memories!


Apartment living? 


Book a S'mores Station fully equipped with indoor-safe mini sterno “fire pits”  for roasting! 

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